Monday, January 19, 2009

An hour w/ Avedon

This is a valuable interview of the late-great photog Richard Avedon. It's sad that Charlie Rose seems disinterested/annoyed/sleepy throughout, but by the end you'll have a more real understanding of how Avedon made sense of the world. Plus, it's an hour long talk, which is pretty rare.

I've seen this a couple times, and it's always encouraging to me when you watch someone so ridiculously creative and talented seem so kind and unaware of fame. It's ironic that he worked in fashion for so long, because he just seems unmarred by the falsities of material culture. Also seems like he'd be a really thoughtful friend and someone you'd want to chat with for hours.

Rose has another long interview with Annie Leibovitz -- which is not as good, mainly because I think she's blah to watch  -- but you should check that out too.

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