Thursday, September 24, 2009

Very glad that I got over to see David Goldblatt's pictures at The New Museum in New York. I am still trying to work through them -- the photos are hard to understand unless you know a lot about the historical and cultural framework -- I will write a longer post later with more comments after I do more reading and thinking. But here's a little intro to his work ...

"In Goldblatt’s images we can see a universal sense of people’s aspirations, making do with their abnormal situation in as normal a way as possible. People go about their daily lives, trying to preserve a sense of decency amid terrible hardship. Goldblatt points out a connection between people (including himself) and the environment, and how the environment reflects the ideologies that built it. His photographs convey a sense of vulnerability as well as dignity."
--Joseph Gergel, Curatorial Fellow

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