Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm still trying to decide how I feel about one of the pieces Nick Knight posted on SHOWstudio
To get the full effect of the project, you have to go to the site and watch his four minute fashiony/surrealist kind of kaleidoscope of light, image, and sexuality. I still don't know if it's beautiful or just weird and falsely pretentious. I guess what annoys me more than anything is the title -- I looked it up, and insensate means void of senses, without feeling, cold, foolish...etc. -- blah, wow, ok ... I mean, fashion is all about extravagance, but is Knight really just balling up all of the overused/over-sexualized conventions we see in a lot of fashion pictures and presenting them in a cool little pdf package you can print off and stick on your bedroom wall (he mentions each "print" is number, what?)) ... On a more positive note, the video, no doubt, draws you in. The movement is beautiful, it's trippy in a positive way, and overall visually stunning. I guess what it's lacking, for me, is the ability to become something smarter than what we always see. I realize I'm not the one to talk, but it'd be cool to see someone with so much power and influence give us something new to think about. 

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