Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McDonalization of Che

A new book is out by Michael Casey called Che's Afterlife (official site). It explores the ridiculously widespread Alberto Korda photograph seen and known throughout the world. (I read somewhere it is probably the most commonly re-purposed photograph ever shot.)

In really plain, kinda "guerilla" gonzo-esq language, Casey talks about how this one image of Che has been commercialized into an emblem of and for post-modern pop culture -- he says it's been diminished into a profitable "brand" for the "rebellious youth" -- I'm not giving all the details of his argument ... go to the links to read more if you have time/even want to.

I think this book could be really interesting -- or really long. You can read an excerpt here :: Che's Afterlife (part)

Anyway, it's a cool idea -- but a whole book's worth of goods? -- I'm not so sure.

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