Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sarah Moon

:: (full) interview by Ilona Suschitzky ::

(here's the end)

So how does it all begin?

-- It's never the same... of course I have a point of view, I make formal choices, but I prefer to feel my unconscious leading me before my will interferes. I appreciate that photography allows me to be uncertain, and for example, to have no idea why I might ask someone to hold a guinea fowl in their arms and then to scream as well. Maybe what suits me is that in one second I can't affirm anything because the next one can cancel it all. Sometimes I am not even sure of what I have seen.
For me it is an enormous advantage to allow myself to be vague and to move by instinct rather than thought. I find it hard to be too precise, too definite... I like to go on searching, maybe it's the quest more than the ending that keeps me going.

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