Monday, June 1, 2009

Ed Ou -- a peer but out of everyone else's league.

Story by Ed Ou about a small village in the northeast of Kazakhstan where the Soviet government has covertly tested the effects of nuclear radiation on humans since the beginnings of the Cold War. Ou says the Soviets have detonated more than four hundred nuclear arms into the atmosphere and underground areas of the town. As a result, of course, an incredible number of people are now suffering from severe physical and mental abnormalities and cancer. 

You can see the full story on Ou's website :: here . He uses livebooks, which I respect especially since he is pretty well-known.  (Ou was recently acknowledged by the PDN 2009 annuals and made their 2008 list of the the 30 best emerging photographers.) Even better, he is only 21... damn, stiff competition. 

Anyway, there is a lot I could write about this, but my lousy commentary can't really live up to what the images say for themselves.


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